Andrew jackson frontier aristocrat

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24a. The Rise of the Common Man

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Andrew Jackson

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Frontier-born, Jackson was the first chief executive elected from west of the Allegheny Mountains, the first from other than Virginia or Massachusetts, and the first non-aristocrat. The charisma of “Old Hickory,” his renown as a military hero and Indian fighter, and his astuteness in politics assured his election as president.

Sep 04,  · Watch video · Andrew Jackson is born in the Garden of the Waxhaws, South son of Irish immigrants, Jackson spent much of his early life in the rough-and-tumble frontier regions of South Carolina and.

Jackson himself was an aristocrat, but from a rougher mold than his predecessors. He fought his way to leadership and wealth in a frontier society, and his success established a bond with the common people that was never broken.

Learn term:andrew jackson = frontier aristocrat with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 12 different sets of term:andrew jackson = frontier aristocrat flashcards on Quizlet.

Learn term:andrew jackson = frontier aristocrat with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 12 different sets of term:andrew jackson = frontier aristocrat flashcards on Quizlet. APT: Andrew Jackson is often depicted as a wild man and populist opponent of aristocratic privilege.

There is some truth to this, but Andrew Jackson was an aristocrat in Tennessee. Elite classes in the?frontier?were successful businessmen and?lawyers?who often were .

Andrew jackson frontier aristocrat
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