East winston a thriving black community

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Thriving African Communities in London and Beyond

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Village Yoga Studio, Winston-Salem, NC

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The United Way of Forsyth County is committed to lasting positive impact. Working collectively and collaboratively with our partners, investors and resources, along with passionate members of our community, we’re learning from our past and creating sustainable results for our future.

The black community is protesting the treatment of black youths arrested by police in recent months. The teenagers in the community got together to ask the municipal government to. It has become a thriving force for community reconciliation, education, and many new friendships. Together they have promoted integrated schools, the police review board, and more than their share of informal socializing - particularly when food is involved.

Sharon Frazier is a performing member of the North Carolina Black Repertory Company. Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina is a renowned center for fine craft education and the Asheville community is a thriving hub of artists, musicians, art lovers.

The state's bluegrass music roots come alive each April in Wilkesboro with MerleFest, a tribute to musician Doc Watson. Winston E. Moore heads the Cook County Jail, Chicago, and is the first black to administer a major jail in the United States.

Black Panther Party members Mark Clark and Fred Hampton are killed in a raid at the Chicago headquarters.

East winston a thriving black community
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