L pisonis nut oil extraction

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How to Extract Nut Oil

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Publications in the literature report oil extraction from L. pisonis nuts by cold extraction [2], and also using organic solvent by Soxhlet [1,24,25] and Bligh & Dyer methods [25]. The extraction of sapucaia (Lecythis pisonis) nut oil (SNO) using subcritical propane (SPE) and supercritical CO 2 (with ethanol as co-solvent; scCO 2) as solvent was investigated and compared with the conventional (Soxhlet) extraction.

Extraction and isolation The leaves of L. pisonis were dried at room temperature and ground. The material (2 kg) was extracted exhaustively with ethanol six times, and each extraction had the duration of 48 h.

The ethanol was removed under vacuum and lyophilized, giving g (13%) of ethanol extract, which was suspended in a mixture of H 2 O/MeOHCited by: The lipid content, the acid value, refractive and iodine indexes, the oil fatty acids profile as well as the concentration of inorganic elements contained in the Lecythis pisonis Camb.

(Lecythidaceae) nuts. Extraction of nut oils The oil content of L.

extraction of oil from nuts

pisonis nut samples was extracted using the Bligh and Dyer method described in the Ameri-can Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Official Method Ba and also using n-hexane with the Soxhlet apparatus (Vidrolabor, Labor Quimi, Brazil) [20].

The oils were named LP1 and LP2, respectively. Gerson Lopes Teixeira, Saeed M. Ghazani, Marcos Lúcio Corazza, Alejandro G.

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Marangoni and Rosemary Hoffmann Ribani, Assessment of subcritical propane, supercritical CO 2 and Soxhlet extraction of oil from sapucaia (Lecythis pisonis) nuts, The Journal of Cited by: 8.

L pisonis nut oil extraction
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