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Rutgers university library dissertations online The middle of Alcohol Studies Library offers a number of print and electronic sources. All print sources can be found in the library, while most of the electronic sources on drug abuse, supplied by Rutgers College Libraries, can as well be utilized off-site having a Rutgers.

Phd Dissertations Online Rutgers. phd dissertations online rutgers Ph.D. dissertations topics approved (not yet completed) at Rutgers University School of Communication and Information (SC&I)Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) have replaced printed theses and dissertations for most Rutgers graduate programs and are available through unavocenorthernalabama.coming with October degree date.

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However, because of the interdisciplinary nature of much anthropological research, the Graduate School will also allow dissertation proposal committees in this program to include only three members of the Graduate Faculty in Anthropology and one person from another graduate program at Rutgers or from another university.

The Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis is a two-semester independent research project, 3 credits each semester, which culminates in a written thesis and an oral defense before a faculty committee. Students are also expected to present their work at the Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Conference in April.

In this thesis, we propose two new algorithms which use tensor algebra to solve for background and foreground separation. In the first part of the thesis, we develop a mini-batch extension to Online Tensor Robust Principal Component Analysis (OTRPCA).

Rutgers thesis online
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