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The Mindy Project

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The Mindy Project

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The Mindy Project

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NEW YORK (AP) — “The Mindy Project” is making the leap from broadcast to streaming video courtesy of Hulu, which has ordered 26 new episodes. A washed-up athlete suddenly finds himself with a theater-kid son in Mindy Kaling's new NBC sitcom, "Champions.".

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Critics Consensus: The Mindy Project begins its online migration with some of the show's best-ever episodes, further refining the balance between heart and humor struck during the first three seasons.

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TV Review: ‘Champions,’ From Mindy Kaling

The Mindy Project will be back this fall for a third season on Tuesday September 16th. Grant worked with Kaling when she appeared on two episodes of FOX picked up the show for a full season.

The mindy project full episodes online
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‘The Mindy Project’ Moving to Hulu for Season 4 After Fox Cancellation – Variety